Hagia Sophia – The Essence of Istanbul

Aya Sofya, Hagia Sophia or, in English, the Church of the Divine Wisdom, is a mighty structure defining the heart and soul of Istanbul, melding the characteristics of a city that crosses time, continent and culture. If you only have time to visit one sight in Istanbul this is it.

Capture the Colour 2013

Travel Supermarket’s Capture the Colour Competition. See my blue, green, yellow, white and red shots from Vietnam, Italy, Turkey and Thailand…

Istanbul and the Beauty of the Blue Mosque

A visit to Istanbul’s Blue Mosque one of the ‘must-see’ stops on a trip to Istanbul – including photography of the mosque, tips on when to go, dress code and opening times.

Istanbul’s Sweetest Side

Turkish sweets and confectionery from Turkish Delight to Baklava – Turkey didn’t disappoint when it came to sweet treats and confectionery, some of it too sweet even for me, and that’s a first… The Spice Bazaar in Istanbul had stalls piled high with endless varieties of Turkish sweets and sugary scrumptiousness.

Hierapolis and the Gate to Hell

Resting on a plateau above Pamukkale’s Cotton Castle are the remnants of the ancient town of Hierapolis. With views over the dazzling white travertine terraces and 17 thermal springs, this town has to be home of the original spa break. If you visit Pamukkale I recommend you take a wander through Hierapolis – your trip won’t be complete without it.

Pictures from Pamukkale

Pamukkale means ‘Cotton Castle’ in Turkish and perfectly describes the white terraces, known as travertines, which tread their way down the Turkish hillside. Each pool is created from startling white limestone deposits filled with water from 17 of the natural hot water springs in the area.