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Suzanne Jones - Travelbunny

Welcome to my blog!  Here’s where I write about the places I visit, what’s hot to see, hidden gems and the people I meet along the way. There’s adventure, foodie finds and a little bit of quirky – because all of that is part of the journey too.  My aim is to whip up some wanderlust, create some culinary curiosity and inspire people to get out and explore our wonderful planet.

I’m Suzanne and I’m passionate about all sorts of travel; jetting off to an exciting, far-flung destination is always a thrill but I love the home town tourist thing too.

I travel with friends, with my daughter, with work and sometimes alone but mainly I travel with my Mister and we get away as often as we can when we’re not running our business. We arrange our own travel and research and book our trips independently, finding the best deals and putting our own itinerary together. We like our home comforts – a good hotel or B&B is a must – and sometimes we’ll splurge because a bit of luxe is never a bad thing!

Travelbunny at Gullfoss WaterfallI love the energy, architecture and history of cities but I love the outdoors, wilderness and wildlife more. Food plays a big part in my travels and it’s a great way to learn about a destination. I’m always eager to try out new tastes, local favourites, street food and love getting to work in the kitchen. I like quirky – both people and places and always try to seek out unusual places and experiences.

Vietnam’s in my top five for its beauty, culture and cuisine and Namibia for its stunning landscapes. Turkey and Italy are new favourites.

I’ll never write about anywhere I’ve not visited personally so I can pass on first-hand travel tips that I’ve picked up along the way. My aim is to inspire your wanderlust and then give you the info and tips to help you plan your trip. If heading to any of the places I’ve visited and you’d like some advice please get in touch via the contact button at the top of the home page – I’ll be happy to help if I can.

Travelbunny In Tuscany, Italy

In Tuscany, Italy

I grew up just outside Brighton on the Sussex Coast, UK which is probably the reason I never like to be too far away from the sea. I work pretty much full-time so I’m not an ‘on-the-road’ blogger and fit my passion for travel, food and adventure around family, friends and work.  When I’m not travelling or working I love yoga, tennis, golf and skiing.

Email:  [email protected]