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Hi, I’m Suzanne, welcome to The Travelbunny where I write about travel, food and adventure

“My aim is to inspire your wanderlust and then give you the information, guides and tips to help you plan your own amazing trip”

Until recently, I spent 16 years as a professional travel planner arranging corporate incentive travel, conferences and events. That means I can find the best travel deals and know how to research and build a perfectly balanced itinerary. It also means I’ve stayed in countless hotels so I know what to look for when booking accommodation.

I grew up just outside Brighton on the Sussex Coast, UK which is probably why I never like to be too far away from the sea. I’m a full-time blogger and fit my passion for travel, food and adventure around family, friends and work. When I’m not travelling or working I love hiking, tennis, golf and skiing. 

Food plays a big part in my travels and it’s a great way to learn about a destination. I love try new dishes, local favourites and street food then recreate those dishes back home.

I like my home comforts – a good hotel or B&B is a must and I adore a boutique hotel. Sometimes we’ll splurge because, let’s face it, a bit of luxe is never a bad thing. Occasionally we’ll do something different, like that time we stayed in a treehouse in the Amazon Jungle.  

I’m passionate about all sorts of travel; jetting off to an exciting, far-flung destination is always a thrill but I love the home town tourist thing too. I write about my home county of Sussex both on The Travelbunny and as co-founder of Hello Sussex where we share the best of East and West Sussex.  

If you’re heading to any of the destinations I’ve visited and you’d like some advice please get in touch via the contact page. I’m happy to help if I can...

“I write about places I’ve visited personally so I can pass on first-hand travel tips that I’ve picked up along the way”