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Bodrum, Boats and a bit of a Barter

From Pamukkale, we said goodbye to our host Mehmet and the amazing food at Melrose House hotel and took a coach down to the Bodrum Peninsular on the south-west coast for the third stop on our mini Tour of Turkey

This was a shorter daytime journey of just 4.5 hours so we were able to see some of Turkey’s beautiful scenery en-route and with cold towels and refreshments it was a much easier journey than the night bus to Pamukkale. 

We’d booked five nights in Bodrum; time to see the town and surrounding area and to kick back and relax after the previous full-on five days.

Bodrum Harbour

We arrived late in the afternoon into the port at Bodrum; white-washed buildings bright with the sunshine, glorious blue skies and all presided over by the impressive 15th century Ottoman Castle of St Peter.  Such different scenery from the dry volcanic rock in Goreme and the travertines of Pamukkale.

Bodrum Harbour

At the far end of the bay is a modern marina crammed with sleek, white yachts, smart shops and eateries.  As the bay curves round towards the castle the yachts thin out and all types of vessel jostle for space along the quayside.  Fishing boats display the day’s catch in wooden crates packed with ice – the gleaming fish and seafood is as fresh as you’ll ever hope to eat.

Catch of the Day, Bodrum

Gulets, traditional Turkish boats, with varnished wood, polished brass and crisp, soaring sails moor alongside smaller vessels which hug the harbour walls.  Fishermen tout day trips to passing tourists and it’s worth checking out the prices for some great deals on day trips here.

Check out tours, trips and activities in and around Bodrum here

Bodrum Gulets

Bodrum Castle

Sightseeing in Bodrum was to have included the Castle of St Peter built by the Knights of St John and the town’s main landmark, the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, The Mausoleum – one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, a boat trip and some general meandering through the town. 

First stop, however, turned out to be the clinic.  Mister’s foot and leg up to his knee were now seriously swollen from the wasp sting and so he spent the next day attached to a drip and was finally discharged at midnight. 

As always we had travel insurance and were covered for everything from taxis to and from the clinic, treatment and food whilst there and, of course, the medication for the next week.  I’d like to know what type of wasp was the culprit because from what seemed to be just a minor sting caused a lot of problems and the scar remains months later.  Not just your average wasp.

Bodrum Market

Due to the Big-foot situation we kept the rest of our stay in Bodrum fairly relaxed and didn’t get about as much as we’d planned.  We had a wander around the town, with frequent Efes stops to help the swelling.

We headed to the shopping street looking for some things to buy in Turkey to take home as gifts.

All types of ‘genuine fake’ designer goods, souvenirs, rugs, cushions and local handicrafts overflowed into the shaded alleyways and we spent a fun half-hour perfecting our bartering techniques. Or so I thought as I’m sure the shopkeeper ultimately got one over us but he was happy, we were happy and my Mum now has a delightful pair of Turkish slippers – not sure she’s so happy…

Bodrum Beach

Beyond the shopping area is ‘bar street’ filled with bars (obviously!) and restaurants which look out onto a narrow shingle beach. Many of the bars and hotels have tables and chairs placed right at the water’s edge.

Great for a drink whilst dipping our toes in the water and taking in the views across to the castle. Halikarnas, the largest outdoor nightclub in the world is in this area of the town – there’s something for all ages in Bodrum.

Bodrum Boat Trips

A day out on a boat is a must-do when on the Aegean and the deck of our smart wooden Gulet was kitted out with comfy cushions. A cool breeze fanned the heat and a good supply of Turkish Efes beer, and a delicious seafood lunch kept all seafarers happy.

The sea was the purest blue and so clear we could have counted the pebbles on the bottom. Shoals of sparkling fish darted through the blue and we moored in a secluded bay, backed with pine-clad hills, and swam in the wonderfully warm waters.

Bodrum Gulet

We didn’t see as much as we’d originally planned in Bodrum but our few days there turned out to be exactly what the doctor ordered!

Roving Jay

Wednesday 7th of August 2013

I completely agree that if you're coming to the Bodrum area you have to go on a day boat. All of the coastal towns and villages on the Peninsula have their own offerings ... which can range from 100 people party boats pumping bump-n-grind music, to the small gulets which only take a dozen people, and whenever possible, hoist the sail and cut the motor....... I'd opt for the quiet and chilled boat everytime.

Last year we ventured to Bitez, which is a couple of bays over from Bodrum, and went out on the Siesta boat... it was a blissful day, and we weren't even on dry land, before we were vowing to return. ~Jay

Suzanne Courtney

Wednesday 7th of August 2013

I so agree - when we return a boat trip will be top of our 'to do' list!

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Thursday 18th of July 2013

Seem you had an awesome trip minus mister Bigfoot . Hope you cover the places in ur next visit :)

The Travelbunny

Friday 19th of July 2013

I'd love to go back to Turkey - thanks for dropping by :)

The Wanderlust Gene

Tuesday 16th of July 2013

You won't believe it, but when the ex-Mr. TWLG and I were there in 1976 he also came out second best after a sting - no hospitalisation but huge swelling which made it painful and uncomfortable for him to walk for a few days! Glad to see something's not changed ... and that they still have little fishes :)

The Travelbunny

Tuesday 16th of July 2013

Nasty little critters aren't they - little fishes are much nicer! :)

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