A typical sight in rural villages all over Vietnam is a person wearing a traditional conical nón lá hat (leaf hat).  Worn to protect the wearer from both the sun and rain they are hand-made from palm leaves. There are other Asian versions of the hat but the Vietnamese forms the most perfectly circular cone which tapers smoothly from base to tip.

In some parts of the country the hat is called a nón bai tho (poem hat) where lines of verse are romantically inscribed inside the hat and can be seen only when held up to the sunlight. 

When I see an image like this I know immediately from the nón lá that it’s set in Vietnam and this is why I’ve chosen it as my entry to The Departure Board’s Picture the World photography project. 

Picture the World

Thanks to Kat from Travel with Kat for nominating me to submit a photograph from Vietnam to The Departure Board’s Picture the World photography collection.

I’d like to nominate Tricia from Tricia A Mitchell with her lovely images of India and Madhu whose fabulous photographs can be found on her site The Urge to WanderYou don’t need to be nominated to take part; just visit Picture the World and see what countries don’t yet have an image partnered to them.  Instructions on how to enter are all on the page and please do share any images you submit.

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