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Death Valley, California
  • Aerial view of Hoover Dam and Colorado River

    Beyond Vegas – Visiting Hoover Dam

    The Hoover Dam sits in Black Canyon holding back the mighty Colorado River on the Nevada-Arizona border. I wasn’t too fussed about visiting Hoover but was so glad I did…

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  • highway-190-death-valley-road

    Driving Death Valley – the Highs and the Lows

    The drive through Death Valley National Park was yet another highlight along the route of our South West US road trip. Death Valley possesses a sun-bleached grandeur, and desolate sense of vastness intersperced with green shrubs, vivid striata, sparkling white salt flats and open-air history.

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  • Pelicans, Monterey Bay

    Discovering wildlife in Monterey Bay, California

    When I hear Monterey mentioned I get a memory flash of dazzling cobalt blue so it doesn’t surprise me that Monterey has been described as the ‘greatest meeting of land, sea and sky’. It’s also teeming with wildlife – here’s what we spotted in one day in Monterey…

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  • Bixby Creek Bridge, California

    Road Trip Itinerary – Southwest USA

    Our road trip itinerary for a route through South West America taking in California and Arizona. Here’s how we planned our trip and an outline of the stops on the way from San Francisco through to our flight home from Phoenix.

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