Lima Street Art in The Barranco

The Lima street art that jumps from the walls of the Barranco district is a colourful giveaway that you’ve arrived in the city’s artsy district. Let’s check it out…

A Lima Food Tour with Da Taste of Peru

My favourite way to get to know a new place is through its food. What better way to learn about Lima than by taking a Lima food tour – here’s my review

How to avoid Mosquito Bites in the Amazon Jungle

Avoiding mosquito bites on my travels has always been an issue but never more so than on our trip to the Amazon Jungle, a high-risk malaria zone. Here’s how to avoid mosquito bites in the Amazon Jungle.

Adventure and Wildlife in the Amazon Jungle

Treehouse Lodge is surrounded by thousands of acres of protected Amazon rainforest; the most biodiverse region on earth and the perfect place for wildlife spotting. Read about my Amazon wildlife adventures…

A Treehouse Stay in the Amazon Jungle

A treehouse 67 ft up a tree in the Amazon Jungle comes pretty high up the list when it comes to staying in unusual and quirky places. Check out our Amazon jungle luxury treehouse stay with Treehouse Lodge…

Peru – My 2016 Dream Destination

There’s a place on my travel wish list that has always intrigued me. A place of ancient civilizations, mountain-top ruins and home to one of mankind’s greatest mysteries. Where the people are welcoming, creative and colourful and a country whose capital is considered to be one of the best cuisine destinations in the world.