IMG 5725 259x300 HomeWelcome to The Travelbunny my little piece of the blogosphere where I hope to inspire you to get out and see the world. Here I share my tips on what to see where; the hidden gems and the hotspots too. I like my food so there’s foodie finds and a little adventure is never a bad thing either. Join me on the journey…


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Three-Course Taste of Travel Menu

Celebrity Cruises Competition! They want to hear about your Three-Course Travel Menu. From dining out in Reykjavik to savouring tantalising Vietnamese cuisine, read about some of my most memorable eating experiences.

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Recipe for Blackberry Vodka

There’s nothing better than the rosy glow a couple of shots of blackberry vodka impart on a crisp winter’s evening and the dark ruby colour makes it a perfect Christmassy tipple. Here’s my recipe for a delicious Blackberry Vodka.

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Italian Coffee Culture

Coffee culture is an essential part of Italian life, akin to an art-form and nigh on a religion. There’s a myriad of coffees on the menu from Espresso to Caffé Shakerato – then there’s the two, three or four different ways they’re served. Coffee is a serious past-time in Italy and comes with its own etiquettes and customs. Let’s get to grips with the ground rules…

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Food from the Tuscan Table

Tuscan cuisine is food for the soul; intense fresh flavours from a few choice ingredients which have been freshly picked or pulled from the earth. Unpretentious, seasonal and prepared with passion.

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The Tower of London Poppies

Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, the art installation at The Tower of London, will be completed on 11th November when the last of the poppies are set in place. The poppy installation, by Paul Cummins, commemorates the centenary of the start of the First World War in 1914.

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Views from a Cruise

Views from a Cruise. Some of the epic views from sail-aways and arrivals into some of Europe’s most photogenic ports.

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