mobile phone battery charger

Whether you’re a travel blogger like me, a business traveller, or you just want to keep the kids amused during a long trip there are certain tech-savvy travel gadgets that can make the journey a lot easier and your trip a whole lot more fun. I travel for lots of reasons; for business as a travel blogger and, of course, for pleasure. There are certain travel gadgets (yes, I have a secret gadget geeky side) that I never leave home without; here’s how I gear up for travel…

When I’m away from home, the most important thing for me is to stay connected. I have a small power bankwhich will charge my mobile phone fully up to three times.


I charge it up before I leave home so I know I’ll never run out of battery. It’s especially important if I’m on a press trip, am out and about all day and it’s required that I update my social media regularly.  The fact that I am ever so slightly addicted to Instagram has nothing to do with it. Honestly…

When travelling for leisure or work music is an integral part of a trip and I find it so much easier to relax when I’ve got my favourite music to listen to. That’s where my Sony noise cancelling headphones come in handy. When I’m in-flight, music helps keep out the noise of the aircraft as well as noisy children or noise from the galley. Chill-out music helps me to sleep on a long-haul trip so I arrive fresher having had a bit of a snooze. If I’m travelling to a different time zone I try and tailor my napping times so that they fit with the new zone so that jet lag doesn’t hit quite so badly.

Sony Noise Cancelling Headset

Once I’ve arrived at my destination a Bluetooth speaker keeps my favourite sounds going in my hotel room, on the beach or by the pool.

Business Travel

Business travel is a whole different ball game. Sometimes you’ll go straight from a flight into a meeting so you’ll need to arrive refreshed, smartly dressed and ready to hit the ground running. That’s where IHG Business Advantage has come up trumps; they’ve compiled a list of useful business travel gadgets that makes a frequent traveller’s life so much easier. They’ve sourced some really innovative ideas and cool gadgets – some I’ve never seen before.  There’s all sorts of gadgets from a neat little light box that’ll help you beat jet lag to a nifty luggage tracker – I wish I’d had one of those when my luggage went walkabout from the carousel at Podgorica Airport.

Mobile Phone Protection

There are times when I’m working that I need my mobile phone with me where ever I might be – a ride out on a jet ski happened to be one occasion (I love my job!). I took my waterproof mobile phone pouch with me. It’s ideal because you can answer your phone, without taking it out of the pouch, and take photos and video. You wouldn’t know from the pics I took that they were taken from inside the pouch. Also if the pouch happens to fly off from around your neck (not sure how exactly this would happen…) it floats so all is not lost. This was one really useful little pouch.

What gadgets join you on your journey? – Let me know so I can check them all out!