Tea at the Palace

Tea at the Palace

I’m rather partial to a nice cup of tea – not too strong, not too weak, no sugar. So when feeling a little parched in New Delhi I had a very unexpected but pleasant surprise at the Taj Palace Hotel.

It was mid-morning, we fancied a cuppa, and we were right on the doorstep of the Taj Palace; they’ve gotta be serving tea and coffee we thought and popped in. The first sign that this was something a bit special came with the menu – an encyclopedic menu! It took a while to select from the large, hard-backed tome which offered over 90 estate teas and 20 premium coffees from the world over. After much dithering – it’s never good for me to have too much choice – I went for a medium strength Darjeeling.

The Taj Palace Tea Lounge

The Taj Tea Lounge