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Recipes from my travels

Sicilian Cuisine - Pasta alla Norma with rice
Pasta alla Norma (with rice)

I collect recipes from my trips and love to recreate a taste of my travels when I get back home. Here are some of my favourites plus a few from home.

  • Munich Christmas Market

    Lebkuchen Recipe – Festive Flavours from a Christmas Market

    A visit to Munich Christmas Market and a simple Lebkuchen biscuit recipe for spice infused cookies to recreate the festive flavours of a German Christmas market.

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  • Flavours-of-Sicily-ursula-ferrigno

    Flavours of Sicily Cookbook Reviewed

    It’s giveaway time on The Travelbunny this week. I’ve teamed up with publishers Ryland, Peters and Small to offer one lucky reader a copy of Flavours of Sicily cookbook by Ursula Ferrigno.

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  • Gin and tonic recipe

    Gin and tonic recipe – how to make the perfect gin and tonic

    I’ve spent decades honing my gin and tonic recipe. Find out how to make the perfect gin and tonic with my recipe and tips. Bottoms up!

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  • Icelandic Thunder bread

    Thunder Bread Recipe – A Geothermal Bake Off in Iceland

    There’s a loaf that’s been baked underground in geothermal springs in Iceland for generations. It’s dark, dense, deliciously sweet and it’s called Hverabrauð or Thunder Bread.

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  • Table of Mezze dishes

    Hot Hummus Recipe – and a review of Mezze, Small Plates to Share

    Hot hummus recipe from Ghilli Basan’s ‘Mezze Small Plates for Sharing’. A beautiful book packed with mezze recipes, superb photography and insights into Basan’s travels in the Middle East.

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