New Orleans

Two top day trips

New Orleans

What to see and do in the Big Easy


Discovering hidden gems in northern France


Tips for visiting the Eternal City


Lima Street Art in The Barranco

The Lima street art that jumps from the walls of the Barranco district is a colourful giveaway that you’ve arrived in the city’s artsy district. Let’s check it out…

How to avoid Mosquito Bites in the Amazon Jungle

Avoiding mosquito bites on my travels has always been an issue but never more so than on our trip to the Amazon Jungle, a high-risk malaria zone. Here’s how to avoid mosquito bites in the Amazon Jungle.

A Luxe London Dessert Tour – Reviewed

A tour of London’s iconic neighbourhoods sampling delectable desserts and feasting on fabulous chocolates is the perfect antidote to a wet winter’s afternoon…



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