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Sun Voyager’ (Sólfar), Reykjavik
Sun Voyager’ (Sólfar)

Visiting Iceland is an awe-inspiring experience that’s never to be forgotten. The land of fire and ice is home to breathtaking landscapes, Viking legends and mouth-watering traditional Icelandic food. It’s no surprise that so many people have Iceland on their bucket list of must-visit destinations.

From the modern architecture and first-class restaurants of the compact capital city, Reykjavik, to the lava fields, geysers and waterfalls of the Golden Circle, Iceland offers a travel experience to suit everyone.

You can indulge your passion for the outdoors with adventurous activities like cave exploring, river rafting and snowmobiling. Or, if you prefer something a little more relaxing, you can take it easy and unwind at the Blue Lagoon or one of Iceland’s other geothermal spas. And with a little bit of luck, the Northern Lights will grace your visit with an awe-inspiring appearance.

It’s true that the weather in Iceland can be changeable and unpredictable, whatever time of year you visit. And you’ll need an adventurous spirit if you’re planning to try some of the traditional Icelandic specialities like fermented shark.

But if you plan your visit well, pack appropriately and embrace the Iceland experience with an open heart and mind, your trip will be everything you hoped for and so much more.

So explore Iceland, and discover the unforgettable experiences that await when you visit the land of fire and ice.

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