What to Wear in Iceland

What to wear in Iceland in summer or in winter – packing tips for your trip to the ever-changing climate in Iceland.

Into The Blue Lagoon – Iceland

Visiting the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Hints, tips, information and everything you ever needed to know about visiting one of Iceland’s most popular attractions.

Touring Iceland’s Golden Circle

If you’ve only got time for one tour on your trip to Iceland make it a tour of The Golden Circle. Why this tour? You’ll experience three forces of nature in one unforgettable day – Gullfoss, geysers and geological rifts…

Eating Iceland

I’d heard some pretty gruesome tales of what to expect to eat in Iceland and my taste buds arrived in Reykjavik with more than a little trepidation about the food I’d find on my plate. I’m happy to say I didn’t need the stash of chocolate Hobnobs I’d secreted in my case because Iceland served up some fabulous food.