New York City in the autumn, or should I say fall, is a fabulous time to see the city. New York was made for Instagram – full of contrast, vibrant and exciting. The russet, yellow and orange-hued foliage looks stunning against the stark skyscrapers and reflective glass tower blocks. The skies go from steely grey, giving the city streets a more dramatic feel, to crisp clear blues. 

Downtown-new-york-viewDowntown New York

I went back recently for the first time in 18 years and discovered some changes, new attractions and re-discovered some old favourites. 

There’s so much to see in New York City that won’t cost you a dime. Here are my favourites, in no particular order, via Instagram, one of my favourite social media platforms.  If you haven’t visited for a while or it’s your first time in the city these New York tips for first time visitors are helpful.

1. Times Square

We arrived at night to see the city lit up and sparkling.  We stayed near to Times Square and I can tell you now that New  York is definitely a city that never sleeps.  Take a stroll in Times Square for people watching – you could even try out the indoor Ferris Wheel in the M&M shop or stock up on Hershey’s.

2. The High Line

We discovered The High Line and walked in the rain along the disused rail line that’s now an urban oasis which ribbons above the Lower West Side.

3. Ground Zero

We paid our respects at Ground Zero.  The last time I was in New York I viewed the city from the roof of the North Tower and still have vivid memories of how it used to look.  The memorial is a peaceful and reflective area. The museum at Ground Zero is well worth visiting although book on-line to avoid lengthy queues.  It’s $24 for adult admission and I’ve included it here because if you’re at Ground Zero it’s right next to it.

This is One World Trade Centre, currently the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere.

4. Grand Central Station

Grand Central Terminal is the busiest rail station in America and one of New York’s most historical monuments. Definitely worth taking a look  if you’re passing by.  There’re shops and restaurants if you decide to stay longer.

5. A Walk in central Park

A walk in Central Park is a must if you’re visiting New York in the autumn – the colours and foliage are beautiful.

The park’s just as interesting in black and white.  This is The Avenue, a tree lined walkway, which runs up the centre of the park.

 6. Just Walk

There are loads of iconic New York Street scenes to see just by walking around…

7. Take the Staten Island Ferry

See the Statue of Liberty for free from the Staten Island Ferry.  Board at The Whitehall Terminal (4 South Street, Manhattan).  The Ferry’s free so just stay on for the return journey and see Liberty all over again before you get back to where you started!

8.  Views of Manhattan Island

There are fabulous views of Manhattan Island too…

So those are my free sights to see in New York City via Instagram.  Do you use Instagram?  Leave details in the comments and I’ll follow along.   You can check out my Instagrams here

Manhattan Bridge night-scene