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Teva Sandals Review – the Zymic

I’ve been testing out the new Teva Zymic sandals for women. I’ve put them through their paces at the beach, on a light hike to Seven Sisters Cliffs and a dog walk through the woods. I’ve tested them out in a range of different environments. Read my Teva sandals review to find out how we got on…

Testing out the Teva Zymic sandals

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Teva Zymic Sandals for women

Before I share my thoughts about how I got on with my Teva sandals let’s take a look at Teva the company and how it came about.

How Teva started

Teva was founded in 1984 and their first sandals were created for outdoor adventures. The first Teva sandals actually came about completely by accident. An inventive guide on a river tour strapped two Velcro watchstraps to a pair of old flip flops to stop them floating downstream while wading through the water.

Teva sandals gained popularity over the years, mainly amongst campers and outdoorsy types. Their comfort, durability and versatility all part of the draw.

More recently, Teva sandals have also become a bit of a fashion statement. Donned with a pair of socks – yes, socks and sandals are now cool, they’re sported by fashionistas the world over.

Teva Sandals Review

I’ve loved wearing my Teva Zymic sandals because they are comfortable, easy to wear, durable and sustainable. They’ve carried me through a range of terrains comfortably and without issues. The fashion bit is a bonus although you can be sure I won’t be wearing mine with socks…

Teva sandals come in a huge range of styles, colours, fabrics and designs for men, women and children so there’s a pair out there that’ll suit everyone. I chose a new design, the Teva Zymic and I’m delighted with my choice.

The Teva Zymic

Teva Sandals – Zymic

The Teva Zymic comes in a range of colours for both men and women. I ordered the sunflower with the yellow sole, because that’s my favourite colour, but they also come entirely in black which look very cool.

I’ve tried out my Teva sandals in a range of situations. The Teva website states that the Zymic are best for ‘all-day wear, light hikes and getting around town’ so I put them to the test and added in a couple more scenarios for good measure. I also think they’d be the perfect footwear for a summer city break but I’ll save that test for another time.

Teva sandals at the beach

After taking my Teva sandals for a dip

First test was the beach. I live in East Sussex on England’s south coast which is notorious for its hard pebble beaches. Not the easiest to walk on and definitely the most uncomfortable of beaches for a stroll.

The Zymic has a wider platform for more stability so walking on lumpy pebbles was far easier than in flip flops. The thick, flexible, mid-sole provided a comfortable scramble down the beach making easy work of bulky pebbles, slippery shingle and soft sand.

I also, somewhat bravely I think, took a paddle in the chilly English Channel. I certainly didn’t hold back on testing my Tevas! The sandal’s sturdy velcro straps held fast and the cushioned webbing upper stayed comfortable even when wet. Welded TPU details provide added splash protection and they also dried out really quickly after my watery wander.

Tevas for woodland walks

Adjustable ankle and toe straps

My second test terrain was our local woods. We’re dog-sitting for a couple of weeks and we live next to ancient woodland – a favourite walking spot of ours. During lockdown the woods were a life-saver.

In good weather the woodland walk is mainly dry mud pathways with some grassland and pine-needle covered glades. There are a few mild gradients thrown in too.

The ankle and toe straps on Teva sandals are both easily adjustable with a hook and loop closure for the perfect fit. After over an hour’s walking in the woods my Teva sandals gave foot-hugging comfort and good stability with no rubbing or chafing. Big tick.

Tevas for light hikes

Two epic sights – my Teva Sandals and the Seven Sisters Cliffs

Test number three was the biggie. We’ve been away for a few days staying near the iconic Seven Sisters Cliffs. I’ve walked the cliffs before but have never tried the Seaford to Cuckmere Haven section and was keen to try it with my Teva sandals.

The terrain is mainly grassy, uphill and downhill with one or two steep inclines, which are gravelly and can be slippery. There are also some hard chalky patches. The walk took just under 3-hours in total including a few photo stops. The views are incredible.  

Seven Sisters Country Park

The MAX-COMF sole technology with dual-density foam bottom came into play on this walk with the cushioned footbed providing outstanding comfort, support and stability whilst remaining lightweight. Arch support was particularly good. I didn’t have any issues with my feet during or after our walk so the Teva Zymic sandals were definitely the right choice.

In winter or when the weather’s been wet I’d definitely wear my hiking boots as the inclines would be hard to navigate and the Zymic sandals don’t have a particularly deep cleat but in the dry they were spot on.

I think these Teva sandals would also make the ideal footwear for a city break involving a lot of walking.

Tevas are recycled and sustainable

Teva Zymic is an earth friendly sandal due to its recycled EVA mid-sole, top-sole and RPET webbing.

The lightweight mid-sole is 30% recycled EVA and the out-sole is made from up to 20% recycled EVA.

If you don’t know what RPET is, I didn’t, it’s short for recycled polyethylene tetraphyte. PET is the world’s fourth most common plastic resin and it’s used in everything from food packaging to clothing.

Teva Zymic made from recycled plastic

‘RPET’ means recycled PET and any PET found in the product, in this case the Teva Zymic sandal, comes from a recycled, pre-existing source. No new plastic is created in the making of these Teva sandals. The company have also greatly reduced their water usage. I only wish more companies had this kind of ethos.

Since 2020, Teva have diverted 24-million plastic bottles from landfills and used them to strap incredibly comfortable sandals to your feet.

Teva have also reduced their packaging. My sandals arrived in a cardboard box with tissue paper and not a speck of plastic in sight.

Are Teva sandals worth the money?

Teva Sandals Review Zymic
Very happy with my Teva sandals

An average pair of Teva sandals should last around five years which means they’re incredibly sustainable. They’re not the cheapest sandals but they’re also not the most expensive and the fact that they will last for years means that ultimately they’re very good value for money. The Teva Zymic sandals come in at £70.

The Verdict

Whether you’re heading into the woods, the beach or on a light hike I can recommend bagging yourself a pair of Teva sandals for a comfortable, long-lasting, earth-friendly product that’s always adventure ready. They look good and I’m very happy with mine.

The Teva Zymic sandals were gifted to me for the purpose of this review. However, all thoughts and opinions (and love of a comfy sandal) are entirely my own.