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GPS my City – self-guided walking tours with The Travel Bunny

Exciting news! You can now take The Travel Bunny with you on your trips. Download the GPSmyCity app to help you discover destination highlights and my favourite hidden hot spots in cities around the globe. With self-guided walking tours in the palm of your hand you’ll never get lost again…

GPSmyCity New Orleans

To enhance your city travel experience, we have partnered with GPSMyCity so that you can access thousands of travel guides (including some of my most popular works) to help you find your way around 1500+ cities worldwide. Download the GPSMyCity app 

I won’t actually be hopping out of your case when you unpack, although that would be fun, but some of my articles are now available on GPSmyCity self-guided walking tours. That means you’ll have a virtual TravelBunny with you on your travels. I’ll point you in the right direction, recommend restaurants or help you discover hidden city gems.

You might be thinking why not just print off the article and take it with you or bookmark on your mobile. If you don’t mind using trees for paper or paying roaming fees (that’s if you even have a signal) then that’s fine. But there’s actually a better way and it’ll save you money on expensive data.

Why use GPSmyCity?

GPSmyCity is a free app which you can download and use to carry a whole collection of travel articles around with you. You can save the articles you’ll need on your trip and access them when you want to, either on-line or off-line.

More importantly for a small fee you can get off-line GPS-guided use as well so you’ll have directions right at your fingertips right when you need them.

A GPS-guided travel article has GPS co-ordinates embedded in it together with a map and the route used in the article. It’s like having your own personal tour guide show you exactly where you are on the map and giving you directions to your next place.

GPSmyCity App

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How to use GPS-Guided Travel Articles

First off download the free app to your phone from the I-tunes App Store or Google Play. Take a look through the articles and when you find one you fancy just download it for free.

There are thousands of travel articles featuring cities all over the world. You can browse by city, or (hint!) choose some of mine below. Once you’ve downloaded the article to your phone you won’t need roaming, an internet connection or Wi-Fi to read it. You can dip in wherever you are; on your flight (even in flight mode), by the pool or as you explore an exciting new city.

If you need a GPS-guided article for directions then a small upgrade fee is payable per article. Or, you can subscribe annually to all city walk guides and articles which gives you access to over 6500 city guides with GPS-guidance. Bargain.

You’ll need an internet connection to upgrade but once the article is downloaded on your phone app you can view it any time without a connection. It will show you where you are on the map and the best route to your next chosen place using the GPS co-ordinates embedded in the article.

New York with i-phone map

Travel Bunny Articles on GPSmyCity

GPSmyCity have turned ten TravelBunny articles into apps. The following guides can be downloaded for free but won’t have GPS and it cannot be saved to your phone for offline use unless you upgrade.

Click on a link for an article. If you haven’t already downloaded the free GPSmyCity app you’ll be prompted to do so. After downloading the app you’ll be directed to the article where you can choose to upgrade to get the GPS-guided version. Simples.

Paris Food Tour in Le Marais – Paris is a wonderful city to spend a weekend in. Make it even more special by getting a taste of the city’s best food.

All the Food in New Orléans – Food is a big deal in NOLA – find out what you should eat and where.

Seafood in New Orleans

Eating Like a Local on a Rome Food Tour – Nobody does food like the Italians. Find out where to feast in Rome just like the locals do.

Find out what to do on A Weekend Break in Rye, East Sussex, or discover Eastbourne Trails and Coastal Walks.

A Day in Mykonos If you arrive by cruise ship for a day on Mykonos you’ll find out what to see and do and where’s there’s a great beach that not many people know about. Til now!

Mykonos Greece

Heading across the Atlantic? Discover out how to spend 3 Days in New Orleans or dip into Top Ten Vegas Must Dos Besides Gambling. If Peru’s your destination discover what to eat and where on a Lima Food Tour.

Check out more of my articles here. I hope you love this app as much as I do. I’ve already downloaded guides for my upcoming trips to Santorini, Graz in Austria and Austin, Texas.

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If you upgrade one of my downloaded travel articles I receive a small commission. Thank you.


Thursday 28th of February 2019

Used Garmin in Paris ... and it took us on great adventures before we was back on our hotel. *laughing .. Have fun.

Suzanne Jones

Thursday 28th of February 2019

Viveka, you've had a lifetime of adventures and I love reading about them on your blog!


Tuesday 26th of February 2019

Brilliant .... I used Garmins cityXplorer for many years ... same idea, but each city map cost about £10.00 and I just downloaded it straight to my GPS. Made for walking ... and tourists. Fantastic tool, but they don't do them anymore.

Suzanne Jones

Wednesday 27th of February 2019

That's quite expensive for one guide. I can't wait to use the ones I've downloaded - it's going to make my next trip so much easier :)

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