Tucked up in the hills above Positano is a wonderful, family run, restaurant – with one of the best views in the whole of Italy. The food’s pretty fabulous too.

We stopped off at La Tagliata Positano for lunch during our day trip to the Amalfi Coast and the experience was so good I felt the need to share it with you. If you find yourself hungry in Positano head for the hills to the most perfect of Positano restaurants.


Positano, ItalyPositano, Italy



La Tagliata, Positano – review

As we entered the restaurant a smiling Peppi greets us; ‘Come and meet Mama’. Surprised, we drop by the kitchen to say Buon Giorno to Signora Dora, wife of Don Luigi who started up the restaurant.

She was busy cooking but not too busy to ask ‘how hungry are you?’  If I wasn’t before, I soon became revenous as I was enveloped by the delicious aromas that wafted from the pots and pans over which she and son Vicenzo weaved their magic.


La Tagliata, Positano Restaurant


The dining room is semi-open and shaded from the sun with drapes over the open sides of the terrace. Sepia photographs of the family from ‘way back when’ hang on the old stone walls. Vines of home-grown, freshly picked, plum tomatoes and strings of garlic hang alongside. I’m liking this place.  A lot. And it’s about to get even better.


The best view of Positano

We are shown to our table and the view is mesmerising. As we look down through lush green foliage and past tumbling purple petunias the deep blue sea of the Amalfi Coast sparkles in the sunshine. 

We can see for miles as the winding coast road wends into the distance. Far below us is Positano, its pale yellow, cream and muted-red painted houses clinging to the cliffs while the coast meanders into the distant haze of the afternoon.


View from La Tagliata Restaurant Positano


Peppi, who never seems to stop smiling, uncorks a fruity bottle of red from the cellar. We’re having a selection of starters, a pasta main course, dessert and a bottle of wine. There’s no set menu as such; whatever is harvested from the organic garden that day is used as ingredients for that day’s feast. It’s all part of the charm. 

A medley of mouth-watering antipasti arrives; crisp bruschetta, nutty potatoes, parma ham and melon – there’s no room left on the table. More food arrives and we juggle the dishes to make room for aubergine in tomato sauce and broccoli. I’m going to need to pace myself here…


bruchetta with tomato


Pasta at La Tagliata, Positano

It’s buzzy in La Tagliata with a good mix of locals and tourists. Peppi chats with diners and introduces Mama to newcomers – it’s very relaxed and has the air of a hot, lazy Sunday afternoon which could stretch on forever. 

Our main course arrives; a shared dish which comprises of a trio of fresh, home-made pastas. Cheese-stuffed ravioli, gnocchi, a meat cannelloni and fusilli. It’s a burst of Mediterranean freshness, the warmth of garlic and all nicely al dente and garnished with aromatic basil.  If you love authentic, traditional, Italian food you’ll love La Tagliata.

We loved eating at La Tagliata so much that we went back during a short break in Positano the following year. Read more in our guide about the best things to do in Positano.


Pasta at La Tagliata Restaurant


La Tagliata Desserts

When dessert is served it actually looks too good to eat. Obviously we don’t let this minor detail stop us!  A perfectly formed profiterole topped with glistening dark chocolate sauce sits beside a light, crisp pastry topped with strawberries and custard.  A hazelnut cake with a creamy, dreamy, chocolate filling completes the mouth-watering trio. 

A bowl of deep-red, gleaming, cherries finishes off the ensemble together with the ubiquitous bottle of Limoncello. Drink as much as you want says Peppi… and we’re left to indulge. There’s no hurry to leave and we could have sat all afternoon enjoying the food, the ambience and the views. 


Dessert, La Tagliata Restaurant


If you’re passing through Positano and looking for a restaurant which serves authentic, home-grown, Italian food cooked with passion you’ll find it at La Tagliata – just make sure you’re hungry when you go…

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