Do you send postcards?  I always try to send one to my parents when I travel – they love receiving them and it’s great going through the stash of cards that I’ve sent them over the years – the message on the back can bring back memories that the picture on the front doesn’t always trigger…

But sending a postcard can sometimes be a hassle.  It’s generally not a problem buying the card but finding a stamp and then locating a post-box can be a bit of a pain.   I’ve sent postcards that have arrived after I’ve returned to the UK and left again on my next trip or they’ve never arrived at all – where do those lost postcards go?

So, when I discovered a nifty little app for i-phone, called  By Post, where you can design a postcard on your i-phone, using your own photo, and send it anywhere in the world for just 99p – all within a couple of minutes – I had to give it a go.   Here’s how it works…

Download the app to your phone (the app itself is free) and start creating your bespoke postcard.

Step 1 – Either take a photo or use one from your camera roll

Here’s the shot I chose which I’d taken on my phone – bit pleased with this one!

Step 2 – Add your message and the address which you can choose from your contact list or add manually.

Step 3 – Pay.  The cost is 99p per card to anywhere in the world – pretty good value when a first class stamp in the UK is currently 60p.   Paypal or credit card can be used or you can add credit to your account on-line.

Step 4 – Press Send.  It really is that easy.

I sent my first postcard from Turkey which was delivered within 48 hours – the first time a postcard has arrived before me!   The card was great quality; good depth of colour and not at all flimsy.  Here’s the result – not the best photo as it was taken on the fly and I wasn’t thinking of a blog post at the time.  What do you think?

BTW no incentive was received for this post – I just love this cool little app.  Simples!