Teva Sandals Review – the Zymic


I’ve put them through their paces at the beach, on a light hike to Seven Sisters Cliffs and a dog walk through the woods. I’ve tested them out in a range of different environments.

The thick, flexible, mid-sole provided a comfortable scramble down the beach making easy work of bulky pebbles, slippery shingle and soft sand.

Teva sandals at the beach

After over an hour’s walking in the woods my Teva sandals gave foot-hugging comfort and good stability with no rubbing or chafing. Big tick.

Tevas for woodland walks

The cushioned footbed provided outstanding comfort, support and stability whilst remaining lightweight. Arch support was particularly good.

Tevas for light hikes

I didn’t have any issues with my feet during or after our walk so the Teva Zymic sandals were definitely the right choice.

Teva Zymic sandal comes from a recycled, pre-existing source. No new plastic is created in the making. The company have also greatly reduced their water usage.

Recycled and sustainable

An average pair of Teva sandals should last around five years which means they’re incredibly sustainable.

Are Teva sandals worth the money?

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