Discovering Rodrigues – the Authentic Indian Ocean island


Every day brought a new wonder, a surprise, an incredible encounter. Let me introduce you to the beautiful Indian Ocean island that you’ve probably never heard of.

This happy island has a small population of around 42,000 and is the smallest of the Mascarene archipelago. Mauritius island and Réunion make up the trio.

Mascarene Islands

The island is volcanic and the view from Mont Limon, the highest point, out to the protected lagoon is dazzling.

Mont Limon

On the beach I sat on a rock worn smooth by the ocean and soaked up the beauty of the clear turquoise waters of the lagoon. A small slice of paradise.

La Belle Rodriguaise at Graviers

At Francois Leguat reserve we encountered some of the islands unusual wildlife as giant tortoises ambled towards us for a neck rub.

Discovering Rodrigues Island

The tiny island is a nature reserve inhabited by thousands of birds and protected by three human guardians.

Ile aux Cocos

Back on dry land we celebrated with the islanders at La Fete du Poisson as the fish was cooked, shared and enjoyed with a backdrop of music, chat and laughter.

La Fete du Poisson

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