2 Days in Hanoi – Itinerary

City Guide

A 2 day Hanoi itinerary. Tips on how to make the most of Vietnam's capital city in two days. All the best bits to see and do plus a few extras.

Jade Island is connected by the bright red Húc bridge. Cross it and you'll arrive at the Temple of the Jade Mountain. Jade Island in the lake is home to Ngoc Son Temple, a good place to escape the frenzy of the city...

Jade Island

The Old Quarter is north of Hoan Kiem Lake. It's an elaborate maze of streets with life, colour & atmosphere spilling out onto the pavements. 

The Old Quarter

head to the French Quarter - it adjoins the old quarter. Check out the beautiful colonial buildings like Hanoi Opera House and some of the embassy buildings and hotels on the wide leafy streets. The French Quarter feels very European.

The French Quarter

This imposing building is watched over by stern guards wearing crisp white uniforms and inscrutable expressions. Inside lies the body of the former leader, encased in glass and protected by guards.

Visit Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum

An  oasis in the city and the first university in Vietnam. This serene walled garden with pagodas and lily ponds is dedicated to the ancient scholar Confucius.

The Temple of Literature

A short walk from Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum is Uncle Ho’s stilted house where he worked and lived. The One-Pillar Pagoda is also nearby so there are a few things to see in one small area.

The One PIllar Pagoda

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