I recently wrote about the inspirational women of the Tighanimine Fairtrade Argan Oil Women’s Cooperative  who produce cosmetic and culinary Argan Oil using traditional Berber methods.

The Benefits of Argan Oil

The benefits of Argan Oil go more than just skin deep – production is creating a positive impact and empowering the women in this small region of South West Morocco.  Sales improve the economic conditions of the local population with a special emphasis on women and girls.

How to use Argan Oil

The 100% organic oil can be used directly on the skin to moisturise, help with dry skin conditions and fade scars. Rub into cuticles to strengthen nails and the ends of towel-dried hair to strengthen and stop frizzing.  I add a few drops into my conditioner to help keep my hair in good condition without looking greasy.

Argan Oil Giveaway

Argan Soap and 50ml Argan Oil

Argan Soap and 50ml Argan Oil

Whilst visiting the Cooperative I couldn’t leave without buying some of the Argan Oil products and thought it would be nice to share.  There’s a 50 ml bottle of pure Argan Oil and an Argan soap made by the Tighanimine Women’s Cooperative up for grabs.  Here’s what to do:

THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED – find out who the winner is here

Twitter account holders please tweet the following:

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Hopefully between us we’ll raise awareness of the Tighanimine Cooperative and help the women market their product.

And just for fun here’s me trying to crack those tough little Argan nuts!

Cracking Argan nuts

Not as easy as you’d think…