Where to visit lavender fields in the UK 2022


There are lavender farms all over the UK in England Scotland and Wales. Read on to discover where to find the lavender fields in the UK and when to visit.

If you’re looking for a lavender field in London, Mayfield is the nearest. The lavender fields at Mayfield Lavender Farm are selfie heaven.

Mayfield Lavender Farm, Surrey

Founded in 1932 and cultivates over 100 acres of lavender on private land on the Sandringham Estate. There is also an oil distillery and children’s animal farm.

Norfolk Lavender

Tickets go on sale in late June 2022 and this year there’s a choice of three events – Lavender Walk Field Access, Lavender Picnics and Guided Lavender Tours.

Castle Farm Lavender, Kent

Grows 4 acres of Mailette lavender. Conservation of habitat and the environment is paramount to them and no fertilizers or pesticides are used.

Lordington Lavender, Chichester

Located just south of Bath in Somerset. There are two lavender fields spread over five acres pack with over 50,000 lavender plants.

Somerset Lavender Farm

Set in the heart of the Hampshire countryside, the field is a local landmark managed by fourth generation farmers.

The Lavender Fields, Hampshire

A family run, hillside farm, offers 60 acres of sweet smelling lavender, a lavender maze and specialist plant nursery.

Yorkshire Lavender

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