Valencian food guide – what to eat and drink in Valencia

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Spain’s third largest city is a magnet for foodies and in recent years has established itself as a city of culinary innovation and renowned chefs.

A trip to Valencia isn’t complete without trying a traditional Valencian paella. The dish is called Paella because that’s the name of the large, shallow pan it’s cooked in.

Valencian Paella

A drink made with chufas, it is sweet, refreshing and nutty. The most typical way to enjoy horchata is alongside a farton – a long sponge finger dusted with icing sugar.

Horchata and fartons

A seafood dish based around noodles, rather than rice. The word itself comes from the Valencian “fideuada”, which literally means lots of noodles.


Esgarraet is a Valencian word meaning ‘tearing’. It refers to the tearing of the red bell peppers and bacalao which is salted, cured fish.


Michelin-starred restaurant owned by chef Ricard Camarena. An atmospheric informal tapas bar, situated in the heart of Mercado Central.

Central Bar

It’s one of the best ways to try a good variety of Valencian foods in a short time.

Sea Saffron food tours in Valencia

You’ll enjoy a taste of Valencia in a stunning interior patio built into the original walls of the city.

Old Town Valencia Food Tour

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