Things to do in Chiavenna, Italy's secret alpine treasure

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If you’re spending time in the Italian Alps this summer, be sure to make time to visit the dreamy town of Chiavenna in Lombardy

This beautiful palazzo is the only one left after a landslide devastated the town in 1618.

Visit Palazzo Vertemate Franchi

This stunning double waterfall cascades 1800 metres down a rock face. Hiking trails and outdoor adventures are nearby.

See the Acquafraggia waterfalls

Dì della Brisaola (Bresaola Day) is your chance to try the best air-dried, salted beef from dozens of different local producers.

Eat your fill at the Bresaola Festival

See the Collegiata di San Lorenzo church. It's famous for a Romanesque baptismal font and a golden Bible cover that dates back to the 11th century.

Visit the Collegiata di San Lorenzo

Taste the local cusine of Bitto cheese and Gnocchetti di Chiavenna.

Try the local cuisine

Head to the Paradiso botanical garden to enjoy panoramic views over the historic town centre

Climb the botanical gardens for panoramic views

The Crotti are caves which are naturally cooled cellars used to age cheese and store produce.  Many have a restaurant attached where you can try local dishes and wine tastings.

Visit the Crotti

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