The best things to do in Eastbourne, East Sussex

England, UK

There’s a great range of things to do in Eastbourne for both adults and children which makes it a good UK destination for a day-trip, weekend break or even a week’s holiday.

The 300-metre long pier celebrated 150 years in 2016 and all the domes were painted gold to mark the occasion by its new owner.

Eastbourne Pier

The iconic venue is one of the top tourist attractions in Eastbourne with collonades and raised seating areas holding up to 1600 guests.

Eastbourne Bandstand

Eastbourne became popular when the Victorians decided a dip in the sea was good for the health and flocked to the town.

Eastbourne Beach

Head west along Eastbourne’s seafront and walk all the way to Holywell Beach. Pass by wide Italian gardens and colourful borders.

Holywell Beach

In June 2019 the Towner had a makeover and was transformed into a work of art in its own right. Abstract artist Lothar Gotz designed the strikingly colourful  mural.

The Towner Art Gallery

I adore this store, and revel in its beautifully curated shelves of notebooks, pens, pencils and retro typewriters.

All Things Analogue

The fort is one of only three surviving Napoleonic fortresses in the UK and was built to defend the south coastline of England during the Napoleonic wars.

Eastbourne Redoubt Fortress

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