Südsteiermark, Austria | the South Styrian Wine Road


A culinary journey in Südsteiermark brings exquisite wine, authentic Austrian food and traditional family-owned taverns with stunning views of luscious landscapes.

Only cold food is served at a buschenschank. By law the owner/winemaker can only sell their own wines. No beer and no hot food or drinks can be sold.

Buschenschank – Wine Tavern

Just as well there are guest rooms at the winery because if I’d eaten any more I wouldn’t have been able to move. We finished off with a trio of feisty fruit liqueurs.

Buschenschank Tinnauer

A perfect place to start your Styrian wine tasting is Kästenburg Winery in Ehrenhausen. The winery is one of the founding members of the wine route.

Kästenburg Winery

The thick dark green oil has a slightly nutty buttery flavour and it’s oh so good. We tried Styrian pumpkin seeds in all manner of meals.

Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil at Resch Kernölpresse

Be sure to try South Styrian speciality Backhendl when you visit Südsteiermark in Austria. This fried chicken dish isn’t just any old fried chicken dish.


Genussregal translates to “the shelf of pleasure” and inside you’ll find shelves laden with Styrian produce from wines, cheese, honey and meats to gin, chocolate, and eggs.

Vinofaktur Genussregal

Keep an eye out for the ‘klapotetz’ which you’ll see standing in the vineyards. The big wooden windmills make a steady klonking noise to scare the birds away from the grapevines.


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