Seven Sisters Cliffs, Walk and Country Park


A beautiful East Sussex beauty spot and landmark. The iconic coastguard cottages, Cuckmere Haven and the Seven Sisters cliffs walk to Birling Gap make for an epic day out.

Start your day at the Seven Sisters Visitor Centre across the road from the car park. Learn about the geology and history of the area and the local wildlife.

Seven Sisters Visitor Centre

As you walk over the brow of the hill you’ll be rewarded with the iconic view of the Seven Sisters looming up behind the coastguard cottages.

The Coastguard Cottages at Seaford Head

The beach stretches out under the Seven Sisters and at low tide you can walk across the river to the base of the cliffs.

Cuckmere Haven

Climb upwards and head towards the Seven Sisters cliffs. As you begin to climb the hill take in the wonderful views of the meandering Cuckmere River.

The Cuckmere River

Haven Brow, the first of the Seven Sisters, meets you at the top of the hill. From here walk east towards Birling Gap.

The Seven Sisters Cliff Walk

Birling Gap is literally that. A gap in the cliffs. It also marks the end of the Seven Sisters cliff walk.

Birling Gap

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