Hagia Sophia – The Essence of Istanbul


Hagia Sophia is a mighty structure defining the heart and soul of Istanbul, melding the characteristics of a city that crosses time, continent and culture.

The central dome, reaches 55.6 m above the museum floor and is supported by four pendentives adorned with winged cherubs.

Hagia Sofia Dome

More mosaics, uncovered after the Hagia Sophia became a museum, line the upstairs gallery and give an idea of the grandeur of the original decoration inside the Church.

Hagia Sofia Mosaics

Ancient frescos and gilded mosaics of the Virgin Mary and Christ, restored after the mosque became a museum, are displayed under the magnificent dome.

This is a majestic, beautiful building that inspires a sense of awe and one where I felt compelled to stay awhile

Even after having seen all there was to see, just to soak up a sense of time and place and the essence of Istanbul.

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