Easy recipe for Blackberry Vodka


Blackberry vodka is the perfect festive drink to sip on a chilly winter’s evening in front of the fire, or to use for a deliciously fruity summer cocktail.

- Vodka - Blackberries - Caster Sugar - Vanilla Pods


Add the blackberries, sugar, vanilla pods and seeds into an airtight sterilised 1.5 litre kilner jar and pour in the Vodka.

Step One

Give the jar a gentle shake to help dissolve the sugar and place in a cool, dark cupboard.

Step Two

Swirl the jar every day for the first week and then occasionally until none of the sugar is visible at the bottom of the jar. Forget about it for 8-10 weeks.

Step Three

Strain into a pretty bottle. Rinse a muslin cloth and wring it out tightly to stop any of the precious liquid soaking into it.

Step Four

Place the muslin over a sieve and strain the blackberry infused vodka through it into a wide jug before bottling.

Step Five

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