Discovering County Durham – Cathedral, Coast & Countryside


The Cathedral city of Durham is an exciting place to visit. It’s brimming with culture, history, beautiful buildings and is home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites.

A place of pilgrimage for almost a millennium. The imposing Cathedral is the seat of the Bishop of Durham and still holds daily services.

Durham Cathedral

A visit to the Cathedral museum allows you to step back in time and discover the daily life of the Benedictine monks who used to live there.

Durham Cathedral Museum

Do check out the infamous knocker on the north door. Those who hammered on the ‘Sanctuary Knocker’ could claim sanctuary.

The Sanctuary Knocker

Harry Potter fans might recognize it as playing the part of Hogwarts school in the films. A visit the cloisters is one of the best things to do for Potter geeks.

Harry Potter and Durham Cathedral

North and South Bailey have many hidden alleyways, courtyards and pretty gardens. Nearby you’ll find entrances to Durham’s river and the walking path that runs alongside it.


Durham Riverside walk is accessed from many points in the city and will lead you on a 3-mile circular trail following the River Wear around the Cathedral.

Durham’s Riverside Walk

Home to arguably the greatest collection of art in the North of England together with collections of ceramics, textiles, furniture and design pieces.

Bowes Museum

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