Catania – The City in One Day


The city makes up for its shadowy hues with the vibrancy and atmosphere of its colorful markets, sunny disposition and the energy of a student population.

Built from dark basalt in 1736, is known as Liotru and stands guard over the city as a symbol of strength to protect it from enemies, misfortune and natural disaster.

Fontana del l’Elefante

Catania’s cathedral was built over the Roman Baths of Achilles on the place where the holy martyr Agata died in 251.

Cathedral of Sant’Agata

Basilica della Collegiata was situated on Via Etnea. It was seeing this and the Cathedral all beautifully lit up on the first evening that persuaded me to spend another day.

Churches in Catania

Another favorite is The Saint Francis of Assisi Nigh the Immaculate church which backs onto the Roman theatre.

Catania fish market, known as La Pescheria, is located at Piazza Duomo near the fountain at Fontana Dei 10 Canali and is one of the best things to see in Catania.

The Market in Catania

The castle was left landlocked and removed of its strategic position. Today it houses the town museum.

Castello Ursino, Catania

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