A Dubai Food Tour and Taste of Old Dubai

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We met traders, store-keepers and local people who shared with us their stories, their passions and spoke to us the ‘language of food‘.

Our Dubai food tour started early and when we arrived at Deira Fish Market the place was busy with men preparing the fish, chatting, bartering and selling.

Deira Fish Market

The coconuts are deftly topped by a machete wielding stall-holder and passed around – the coconut water is cool and refreshing.

Coconut Water

We are plied with dates at the next stall and they’re moist, dark and sweet. Pyramids of dried apricots stand next to piles of almonds and jars of clear, golden honey.


The Creek is lined with traditional Arabian and East African dhows with forget-me-not blue paint-work reflecting the colour of the Emirati sky.

Crossing Dubai Creek

Suddenly our Dubai food tour has arrived in India. The smell of Jasmine and calls of Namaste hang in the air.

Hindi Lane, Dubai

Dubai’s Coffee Museum is in Hal Fahidi. The Tukish coffee is brewed on a contraption taken from a 300 year old design.

The History of Coffee

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