A day trip to Delos Island, Mykonos

Greece, Europe

Delos island is tranquil and stunningly beautiful with a backdrop of cobalt blue Aegean Sea. Delos is one of the most important historical, archaeological and mythological sites in Greece.

This was once home to the wealthiest inhabitants of Delos and you’ll find the remains of many mansions here. It was obviously ‘the place’ to live on the island.

The Theatre Quarter, Delos

The House of Dionysus is one of the larger houses and would have been one of the most lavish of dwellings.

The House of Dionysus

Nearby is an underground water cistern. There was no fresh-water on Delos so drinking water was captured from the rainfall and stored in the cistern.

Theatre at Delos

The lions were a gift from the people of Naxos in the seventh century BC – an imposing sight intended to guard the ‘sacred way’.

Terrace of the Lions

Lies at the heart of the ancient remains at the end of The Sacred Way. The remains of a massive statue of Apollo rest here although only the torso is left.

The Sanctuary of Apollo

There are interesting and beautiful pieces in the museum to get an insight into life in ancient Greece.

The Archaeological Museum of Delos

Boats leave for Delos from the Old Port of Mykonos daily, weather permitting. The pleasant crossing takes about 30 minutes.

How to get to Delos island from Mykonos:

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