2 days in Hanoi – The Best Things to See and Do


If you only have two days in Hanoi this itinerary is packed with expert tips and all the best things to see and do in Vietnam’s capital city.

The chaos is fun and vibrant although that first time you cross the road in Hanoi might be a bit hairy. The traffic will weave its way around you, you'll master it soon!

Crossing the road in Hanoi

Check out the beautiful colonial buildings like Hanoi Opera House and some of the embassy buildings and hotels on the wide leafy streets.

The French Quarter

Inside lies the body of the former leader, encased in glass and protected by guards. Check the mausoleum website before you go.

Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum

The One-Pillar Pagoda is also nearby so there are a few things to see in one small area.

One-Pillar Pagoda

This serene walled garden complex with pagodas and lily ponds is dedicated to the ancient scholar Confucius and makes for a peaceful wander and time out from the city.

Temple of Literature

It’s prettier at night when lit up and reflecting on the water. The lake makes a good point of reference for finding your way round the city.

Thap Rua Tortoise tower

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