Ailsa from Where’s my Backpack? and host of the Travel Theme has chosen ‘Sunset’ as this weeks subject. I first saw it on Mahdu’s sunset post from The Urge to Wander and a comment struck a chord with me – no matter where in the world we might be we all watch the same sun as it sets.  It’s inspired me to join in this weeks theme with some sunset shots from my own travels.

I find it hypnotic to watch as the sun dips beneath the horizon and will never tire of a beautiful sunset; a time to pause and reflect on the beauty of our world.  Here are some of my favourite shots which I hope capture that magical moment.

A beautiful golden sunset in Mauritius and then  afterwards (below) as the deeper pinks colour the ocean against the moody clouds.

The sunset (below) was in Sorrento this year – we stopped by a small bar overlooking the sea where a crowd of regulars gathered each evening to watch the spectacle.  This deep red sunset was stunning.

The setting sun reflected on rocks near Sossusvlei, Namibia – not strictly a sunset but I loved the way the rocks took on the deep orange and russet hues of the sinking sun.

And finally a sunset from home taken in May this year.  It’s a bit grainy as it was taken on a compact and I’ve zoomed in and cropped hard but I like the misty feel of it – for some reason the sun was enormous that evening.