*Competition now Closed*

Celebrity Cruises have just been voted Ocean Cruise Line of the Year in the 2014 Food and Travel Awards and they’ve teamed up with the experts behind Great British Chefs to provide delicious monthly recipes and ideas.  Now they’d like to hear about your favourite dishes inspired by your travels.  The #tasteoftravel blogger competition gives you the opportunity to share the most delicious and memorable starter, main and dessert that you’ve tasted from your travels around the world.

To take part, simply share your three-course travel menu in a blog post, exploring your tastiest food memories, and then nominate four of your fellow bloggers to do the same.

To get you started Celebrity Cruises have asked me to create the first #tasteoftravel menu. Here’s The Travelbunny’s Three-Course Taste of Travel Menu…


Iceland was the location for one of my favourite starters ever.  I’d heard a lot about Icelandic food and sheep’s head, raw fish and rotting shark weren’t my idea of a gastro good time. And when the most popular eating place on the island is a hot-dog bar it does makes you wonder.  On my first evening in the country, as an icy chill bit to the core, a restaurant in Reykjavik in the old harbour set aside my worries and put me on the road to Icelandic foodie heaven.  Of course it’s a fish dish; nowhere is the fish more freshly caught than in Icelandic waters and it’s plentiful too.  The starter that’s made a place in my heart is their luscious, deep-fried cod balls.   A bite into the golden crispy outer layer takes you the steaming hot, delicate cod inside and with a drizzle of tangy dill mayonnaise they’re perfect for warding off the Icelandic winter cold.  Food for the soul which warmed me to the cockles.

Smoked Trout and Deep-fried Cod Ball

Smoked Trout and Deep-fried Cod Ball


Imagine dinner on New Year’s Eve on the roof terrace of the iconic Rex Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. The Vietnamese night is balmy, streets are festooned with glowing neon light displays and music rings across the city. Thousands of people are gathering in the streets below and the city is buzzing as the clock counts down to midnight.  That was the setting for one of the most memorable meals of my life.  Dinner was made up of Vietnamese dishes bursting with flavours from hot and spicy to zesty and zingy all with a hit of fresh herbs.  Sweet baby clams in coconut, peanut and chilli sauce; crunchy spring rolls stuffed with shrimps and crisp vegetables ready for dipping in a sweet chilli sauce. Stir fries and Vietnamese curries with tender meats seeped in flavour with warm spice flavours that burst on the tongue. Between each course we’d watch the celebrations in the street below from the terrace and at midnight we went down to Le Loi Street and saw in the New Year with the crowds as fireworks exploded into the night skies.  A meal I’ll never, ever forget!

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Vietnamese Spring Rolls


Since I went to Italy and discovered gelato no other dessert will do for me.  Cool, creamy, meltingly delicious, and – big bonus – you can eat it any time of day, not just at the end of a meal.  Sweet!  My new favourite flavour is creamy, dreamy pistachio with nuggets of chewy pistachio hidden inside.  My sweetest dessert moment was in Pisa, Italy where I discovered an authentic, organic gelato shop. I was trying to decide what flavour to go for when they brought out a new tray of gelato and everyone in the queue cheered.  So pistachio it was.  Clutching my crisp cone I enjoyed the meltingly smooth gelato by the riverbank watching a glorious golden sunset over the River Arno.

Pistachio Gelato from De' Coltelli , Pisa

Pistachio Gelato from De’ Coltelli


Now that you’ve read my three-course menu, I want to read yours. In the spirit of the competition, I would like to nominate my fellow bloggers: Gary of Gary’s Grub, the lovely Laura from Side Street Style, Kathryn of Travel with Kat and Paola at Journal Living – good luck!

Blog entries will be accepted between the 6th October and 12th January.  These will then be passed on to two top Great British Chefs and Deputy Editor of Food and Travel Magazine, Mark Sansom, to be judged. The winner will be awarded a seven-night European cruise and one £150 voucher to one of the Great British Chef’s restaurants.  Five runners up will win a £75 meal vouchers.

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