What a fun week I’ve had hosting Travel Photo Roulette and I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who entered, tweeted and publicised Round 40 and to Travel with Kat, host of round 39, for passing on the baton. It’s always a bit of a worry when you run an event – what if nobody turns up? I was, therefore, delighted that 16 bloggers submitted some fabulous shots. I thoroughly enjoyed, not only the photographs themselves, but ‘meeting’ some talented members of the travel blogging community along the way.

I must admit I’ve not been relishing the prospect of writing of this post; choosing a winner has been tricky and I’ve changed my mind hmmm maybe fifteen times! There are some clever, interesting and unusual takes on the theme – but how to choose a winner? Should it be a technically perfect shot, a picture that wholly embodies the theme or the most original? Enough procrastination – here are my chosen three, drum roll…..

Third place: Veronica from The Gypseynesters

Sometimes streets are made of water. This doesn’t stop Venice from having rush hours – buses, taxis and, what we would think of as “everyday cars” are all boats. And yes, there are accidents. Like the one about to happen here.

Lots to look at in this shot and interpreting the theme ‘Street Scene’ but with a nice twist.

Second place: Lucy from On the Luce

“A traditional French street scene – people whiling away the afternoon with a coffee and a catch up in a pavement café in the Marais area of Paris.”

I love that this shot is in black and white which gives it a moody, sixties vibe despite being quite recent. A perfect ‘Street Scene’ and one that I’d be more than happy to join…

And the winner is Nick at Adventurecrow – congratulations!

I took this in Rome whilst out exploring. Although there is not much going on, it just seemed so….European, I had to stop and take a quick shot!

There’s so much I Iike about this photograph; the angle of the shot, the sunny, contrasting shades of yellow, lemon and ochre, and way the car looks as though it’s come the wrong way down a one-way street – very Italian! A lovely composition and worthy winner – thank you!

Nick, I hope you enjoy round 41 – I’m looking forward to hearing what the new theme is.