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Welcome to The Travelbunny, a travel blog for the over 45s who love authentic travel, culinary encounters and memorable experiences.

I share in-depth features covering cool destinations and memorable experiences with travel guides, itineraries and practical advice to help you plan your perfect trip.

Whether you’re planning a city break to Copenhagen, a Colorado Road Trip or adventures in the UK I’m here to help you create your next amazing travel experience.

Read more about me or dive straight into destinations and start planning your next adventure.

Suzanne Jones, The Travelbunny

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Hierapolis and the Gate to Hell

Hierapolis and the Gate to Hell

Resting on a plateau above Pamukkale’s Cotton Castle are the remnants of the ancient town of Hierapolis. With views over the dazzling white travertine terraces and 17 thermal springs, this town has to be home of the original spa break. If you visit Pamukkale I recommend you take a wander through Hierapolis – your trip won’t be complete without it.
Hoi An Nights – full moons and lanterns

Hoi An Nights – full moons and lanterns

In Hoi An town at full moon the town celebrates. The electric lights are switched off and softly coloured lanterns cast magical shadows in the narrow streets and a gentle glow radiates through the town.

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