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It’s not safe to travel again just yet. Please use this website for inspiration and planning until the area you want to travel to is up and running again. Some locations may have reduced opening hours and you may need to book ahead. Please check each business’s website before your visit for up-to-date information. Check the latest Covid-19 Advice for the UK.


Welcome to The Travelbunny, a travel blog for the over 45s who love authentic travel, culinary encounters and memorable experiences.

I share in-depth features covering cool destinations and memorable experiences with travel guides, itineraries and practical advice to help you plan your perfect trip.

Whether you’re planning a city break to Copenhagen, a Colorado Road Trip or adventures in the UK I’m here to help you create your next amazing travel experience.

Read more about me or dive straight into destinations and start planning your next adventure.

Suzanne Jones, The Travelbunny

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Peru – My Dream Destination

Peru – My Dream Destination

There’s a place on my travel wish list that has always intrigued me. A place of ancient civilizations, mountain-top ruins and home to one of mankind’s greatest mysteries. Where the people are welcoming, creative and colourful and a country whose capital is considered to be one of the best cuisine destinations in the world.

Gifts for Travellers

Looking for the perfect gift for the travel lover in your life? Look no further because I've made a list of gifts for travellers that they'll love...
Discovering wildlife in Monterey Bay, California

Discovering wildlife in Monterey Bay, California

When I hear Monterey mentioned I get a memory flash of dazzling cobalt blue so it doesn't surprise me that Monterey has been described as the 'greatest meeting of land, sea and sky'. It's also teeming with wildlife - here's what we spotted in one day in Monterey...

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