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241 Passport Super City Savings + Giveaway

If you’re planning to visit a city and discover that you can get amazing discounts on attractions, dining, leisure and spas you’d be a tad interested wouldn’t you? Imagine that these offers were available in seven different cities around the world and you’d probably be even more interested. I know I was when I first heard about 241 Passport at its recent London launch. Let me tell you more about this fabulous money-saving app and how you can win one of five free 241 Passports to try for yourself…


A London Day Out with 241 Passport

I met up with 241 Passport and a group of bloggers to try out some of the experiences offered by the merchants offering discounts on the London app.  We started our day at Patara restaurant in Soho for a fabulous authentic Thai lunch.  Thai is one of my favourite cuisines and the food was absolutely delicious and beautifully served in contemporary surroundings at Patara’s flagship restaurant so we were off to a great start.

Vintage London Bus Tour

After hearing about the concept behind 241 Passport (I’ll explain more later) we went out into the capital to try out more of the London 241 Passport offers for ourselves. We went vintage and climbed aboard an iconic bright red Routemaster number 6 bus to see the city’s sights. Getting on that bus took me straight back to my school days!  We had great views from the top floor of the open-top bus (so much better than at street-level ) of Big Ben and Westminster, Trafalgar Square, River Thames and the London Eye and loads of other London landmarks.

River Thames RIB Ride

We arrived at the London Eye and made our way to the O2 dock for the next phase of our tour. Not quite so vintage this time – it was time to ramp things up a bit with a blast up the River Thames in an adrenaline fuelled RIB ride. We donned waterproof jackets and lifejackets before taking off to see Westminster, The Shard, Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf from a new perspective – the river.

Mike, our guide was funny and informative keeping us entertained and amused with quirky and historical facts about the landmarks we could see. After passing beneath Tower Bridge we were out of the Thames ‘slow-zone’ and were able to crank up the speed a bit. I can’t tell you what a thrill it was racing down the Thames with the theme tune of James Bond blasting out as water sprayed up in our wake. Everyone on that boat was grinning.

That’s how you could spend a fun day in London and get a lot more bang for your buck using 241 Passport. Other places in the London passport include Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Brit Movie Tours (Harry Potter Walk and Sherlock Holmes Walk), The London Bridge Experience, Cabaret evening at Privee, Knightsbridge or beauty treatments at Spa London and Cucumba. 2-for-1 eats on main courses are available at Patara, Tapas at Salvador and Amanda or The Bull Steak Expert.


How does 241 Passport Work?

241 Passport is part of the company Entertainer. It’s an app which you can download to your I-phone or android device and get access to ‘buy one get one free’ offers in various cities around the world. There are more in the pipeline but at the moment the cities included are

  •  London
  •  Cape Town
  •  Hong Kong
  •  Singapore
  •  Dubai
  •  Malaysia
  •  Cyprus

How much does 241 Passport cost?

The app is free to download and then costs £25 (US$39) per destination

Each app provides 50 offers (two from each of the 25 merchants) offering the best destination venues including activities, attractions, restaurants and spas (and it’s really simple to use)

 241 Passport Facts

  • Put simply it’s a buy one get one free app. Buy a main course and the cheaper will be free of charge. Purchase an excursion and the second person goes free.
  • You can download the app for free and check out the offers for each destination before you decide to buy
  • There are two vouchers from each merchant so you can redeem each offer twice in any 30 day period. Great if there are four in your party – you can use both vouchers and only two of your group will pay. Or if you like a particular restaurant or activity you could re-visit.
  • The app can be used offline as long as you download and pay for it before you depart on your trip which means zero roaming charges
  • The app can be used at any of the merchants at any time or day of the week with just a couple of exceptions (bank holidays and Valentines Day).
  • The app is activated when the first voucher is redeemed and then lasts for 30 days. Ideal for tourists who might only be in the city for a couple of weeks.
  • When you want to redeem a 2-4-1 offer, select it on your phone and follow the simple process to redeem it when you ask for the bill at the outlet. The merchant will enter their pin and you’ll get your discount.

Here’s an idea of the savings you can make



Patricia Fraser

Wednesday 13th of January 2016

London please x

Jordan Bentley

Wednesday 13th of January 2016

I'd definitely choose London as it's so expensive!

Kirsty Sparks

Wednesday 13th of January 2016

I'd choose London as I visit there a lot.

Sheila Howes

Tuesday 12th of January 2016

London app - we visit London quite often

Jennifer Rhymer

Tuesday 12th of January 2016

I would choose London, this would be lovely x

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