Rimini’s Golden Hour

Rimini’s Golden Hour

The hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset is called ‘the Golden Hour’ because it provides possibly the best quality of light. When the ‘altitude’ of the sun in the sky is below about 10° its rays have to pass through more atmosphere than during the rest of the day which reduces the light’s intensity.  This produces a warm reddish light which is not so harsh and subjects are more vibrant and bask in a soft, golden glow giving the image a magical effect.  Well that’s the photographic definition of the term ‘The Golden Hour’.  Here I’ll sum it up for you in images.  Taken at sunrise in Rimini, Italy which faces East across the Mediterranean it’s the perfect spot to capture the dawning of a new day over a calm ocean…

dsc 0599 Riminis Golden Hour

dsc 0618 Riminis Golden Hour

dsc 0623 Riminis Golden Hour

dsc 0641a Riminis Golden Hour

dsc 0646 Riminis Golden Hour

dsc 0657 Riminis Golden Hour

This post is part of the ‘weekly photo challenge‘ The Golden Hour


Photo Roulette – Round 40 ‘Street Scene’

Photo Roulette – Round 40 ‘Street Scene’

Happy to host Travel Photo Roulette – Round 40

I was a very happy travelbunny indeed to learn that my photo below was the winning entry in round 39 of Photo Roulette hosted by Travel With Kat with her chosen theme of ‘Local Character’.  This Vietnamese woman in Hoi An was more than happy to have her picture taken and she made me smile as she postured to the camera while I snapped away – definitely a character and a half with a full-blown twinkle in her eye.

 Photo Roulette   Round 40 Street Scene (more…)


Seven Super Shots

Seven Super Shots

There’s an interesting photography post doing the rounds at the moment called ’7 Super Shots’. HostelBookers.com put out the call to select 7 of your favourite photographs, one each for the following categories, then tag 5 bloggers that you would like to take part.  I was really pleased but slightly nervous when Travel with Kat nominated me – she sets the bar high!  I’m still very much a beginner having made the jump to DSLR last year so most of my photographs below are taken on a point and click, one on the DSLR and one on a mobile phone – any ideas which one – you might be surprised…

1. A photo that…takes my breath away

Just outside Poitier, France in July are field upon field of sunflowers and we arrived when they were at their most stunning.  Not only did they take my breath away they made me smile too.   I  was captivated and took loads of shots but I like this one from a less obvious perspective.

p1020164 1 Seven Super Shots2. A photo that…makes me laugh or smile

Smiling’s infectious don’t you think?

p1030320 1 Seven Super Shots3. A photo that…makes me dream

I dream of being able to keep up with the others!  I was a late starter to skiing and it still slightly terrifies me – in an exhilarating sort of way!  We’d stopped for a vin chaud when I noticed the bright colours and lines of the skis against the backdrop of the mountains.  Taken in the Alps on the French, Swiss border.

img 0381 1 Seven Super Shots4. A photo that…makes me think

This old woman was selling clay whistles in Hoi An, Vietnam.  I was quite intrigued by her. She didn’t let anything on about herself.  She didn’t speak and her expression barely changed with just a vague smile playing about her lips; I’m really not sure what she was thinking.  She didn’t seem to mind me snapping away and if you’re wondering, yes, I did buy a whistle…

dsc 0240 1 Seven Super Shots5. A photo that…makes my mouth water

My favourite fruit is raspberries and I have a bit of a penchant for puddings so this summer-fruit cheesecake is right up there in the mouth-watering stakes.  It tasted as good as it looked. Thanks Beccy!

img 0705 Seven Super Shots6. A photo that…tells a story

Technically this is just a snapshot but I like this photo because there’s so much going on; The woman selling trinkets, the colourful saris but my favourite part is the monk taking a peek at the young women…

p1010566 3 Seven Super Shots7. A photo that…I am most proud of (aka my worthy of National Geographic shot)

I have a few favourites but I keep coming back to this one.  I think it’s the bird’s nest that does it – the fact that there’s a chance for new life in the middle of all that dust, sand and heat.  I like the tones of the sky too – no idea how that happened!

img 0447 4 Seven Super ShotsThanks again Kat for nominating me; I thoroughly enjoyed going through my photos and I hope my five nominees below enjoy compiling their ’7 Super Shots’ just as much.

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