Montenegro – A Photo Tour of Budva


The second part of our ‘Grand Montenegro Tour‘ excursion took us to Budva. With a backdrop of dramatic mountains, colourful harbour and a fortified Stari Grad (old town) it’s the prettiest of tiny towns and one of the most popular on Montenegro’s coast.

Budva was one of the last Venetian outposts and there are many clues to the 400 years of Venetian rule in the 15th century within the walls of the Medieval fortress encircling the town.  In contrast, the narrow alleyways and squares are filled with modern boutiques, bars and restaurants.  So, what to see in Budva?  Let me show you in photos…

Dancing Girl Statue, Budva

Dancing Girl Statue, Budva

The old town of Budva lies on a little island that was once linked to the mainland by a sandbar which over time turned into a peninsula.  Head out towards Mogren Beach for panoramic views of the town.

There are three churches in Budva and all very different.  (clockwise) The Church of Saint Sava is a tiny single nave church said to have been built during the 14th century. Church of Saint John the Baptist was Seat of the Budva bishopric until 1828.  In 1867 the belfry was added to the north side. Church of Holy Trinity is a single nave construction with a dome built in 1804 and modelled on one of two churches of the Podostrog monastery 2k from Budva.

The Stari Grad or Old Town is made up of narrow streets, alleys and small squares.

The old town was heavily fortified and today is still entered from one of five gates in the towering walls. Evidence of different Mediterranean cultures that have influenced the town can be spied in the walls .

Budva Fortifications

Budva Fortifications

Budva Harbour

Budva Harbour

Dancing Girl Statue Budva

Dancing Girl Statue Budva

Budva, Montenegro

Many thanks to Celebrity Cruises UK for hosting our cruise. As always views and opinions; good, bad or otherwise are entirely my own.

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  6. This looks like another for my list. It’s getting much too long now Suzanne. This post is another lovely taster for travellers. Thanks and have a great Christmas and New Year.

    • Thank you Dave – that’s the problem with following these travel blogs, the list just gets longer! Wishing you a very happy Christmas and New Year too.