Modena’s Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari

While in Modena this September we thought we’d make a pit-stop at Modena’s Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari – and boy am I glad we did.   As well as beautiful cars; Maseratis Ferraris and F1s displayed inside, the building itself is incredible too.  The flowing lines of the roof, bright yellow highlights and reflections in the blue-tinted glass were mesmerising and echoed the curves of the cars themselves as well as the crystal clear sky and sparkling yellow sunshine.  A Formula One feast for the eyes inside and mesmerising design outside in perfect tribute to Enzo Ferrari “If you can dream it you can do it”…

Casa Enzo Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari’s Museum

The museum opened in March 2012 and the architecture is a slightly  sci-fi and completely engaging.  The sloping roof, designed to replicate the curves of a car bonnet, is bright yellow – the signature colour of The City of Modena and a colour that you’ll recognise from the background of Ferrari’s prancing horse logo.  It’s a piece of architecture by Future Systems and Shiro Studio well worth a visit – I feel the building will become as iconic as some of the cars it is currently home to.

As we walked down the entrance road we came face to face with both modern and traditional – Enzo’s family home beautifully reflected in the new museum building with a turreted backdrop – so many contrasts.

Casa Enzo Ferrari, Modena

 Enzo Ferrari’s Birthplace

The futuristic building housing the cars stands in stark contrast next to the house where Enzo Ferrari was born in 1898.  His former dwelling is now home to an interactive exhibition of the major events of his life.  Enzo sold this house originally to fund construction of his first Ferrari racing car.

Casa Enzo Ferrari, Modena

Casa Enzo Ferrari, Modena

On the day we visited the exhibition was “GRAND PRIX – The Formula One World Championship Single-Seaters”.  20 amazing Formula One cars were on display – legends which told 40 years of racing history.  For a few years I followed F1 and the names Senna, Brabham, Williams all brought back memories of Sunday afternoons keeping up with the tactics, strategies and speed of this exhilarating sport.

Casa Museo Enzo Ferrari - Interior

I’m guessing some of you petrol-heads just want to see the cars!  I’m not a major motor buff but they were wonderful to see so here’s a photo tour of the cars and exhibits that we saw.  If you’d like to visit in person the exhibition ends 28th January 2014.

When:  The museum is open every day of the year, except Christmas and New Year’s Day, from 9.30am to 7pm 1st May – 30th September and 9.30am – 6pm 1st October – 30th April.


Full rate – €13

Under 26 and over 65 & Affiliated companies – €11

Children 6 to 10 years old, helpers of the disabled, military personnel, families with children over 5 years old – €9

Disabled visitors, children up to 5 years old

Where: Via Paolo Ferrari, 85, in Modena

How to get there

For more details, see www.museocasaenzoferrari.

Casa Enzo Ferrari - Cafe

Casa Enzo Ferrari – Cafe

Entry was provided by Emilia-Romagna Tourism Board and Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari as part of the #BlogVille campaign. As always, thoughts and opinions – good or bad  – are entirely my own.


  1. I’m no petrol-head either but I have a grandson who’d love this!

    • The cars were actually beautiful to see and the building too, petrol head or not :)

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    • Hi Daisy – I’m loving your new-look blog, really crisp and clean. Thanks for dropping by it’s always lovely to see you :)

      • Thank you, sweet Suzanne! You’re very nice!! You have changed your blog, too. It’s fantastic and very tidy. Wonderful! You have many social network. I follow you, always. Kisses and see you soon! <3

  3. Sounds very interesting, we’re not really petrol heads but love those cars there..they are just awesome!

    • The whole place and the cars were very easy on the eye! Thanks for dropping by :)

  4. I am not a petrol head by any stretch, but I would love to visit just for that fantastic architecture. Fabulous shots as always Suzanne.

  5. What a fascinating building! I used to be a huge F1 fan and went to five different Grand Prix, including the one in Imola. Have lost touch with it a bit now but this looks well worth a visit when I get back to Italy.

      • Thanks Lucy – it’s a work in progress as I can’t make my mind up….!

      • I know that feeling, it’s hard to stop tinkering with it!

    • Definitely go – the F1 exhibition ends in January but there’s lots to see and the building itself is amazing. I’d have loved to have gone to a GP – what a thrill.
      I did go to a couple of Superbikes meets at Brands Hatch but not quite the same.

  6. That looks like a fascinating museum and the building itself is so interesting!

  7. I was farming near Modena last year and it’s such an amazing place :-) Those Italians are pretty crazy when the Grand Prix comes on.. “Andy, Andy. THE BIG RACE IS COMING ON”! And football of course! I think there is not a square inch of Italy that isn’t famous for something!

    • And then there’s Midena’s Balsamic Vinegar – out of this world!

  8. A wonderful juxtaposition-ing of the old and the new. Your shot of the cafe is amazing – great capture.

  9. Well worth a visit, not just for the cars but for the building that holds them too, stunning!

  10. Wow! Aside from the fact that you must have been up in the middle of the night to publish this, I absolutely adore that opening reflection shot, Suze :)
    I have 2 boys in the household who would kill to do this tour (ok, I exaggerate- I’m known for it :) ) and I’d be more than happy to go along.

  11. Wow, not much into cars … but I think I would enjoy to spend some hours here. Some serious money in this sport. Thank you so much!

    • I’m not so much now Viveka but wouldn’t have missed this trip!

  12. We wanted to check this museum out too but with all that food we ate in Bologna, we never made it. Next time we will before we start eating

    • When you do there’s a fab little restaurant next to the market in Modena. We had the best pasta of our trip there.

  13. Awesome!

    • Hey Sandy – we’re almost in the same time zone again!

      • Are you popping round for a Sauvignon Blanc and Gelato then?

      • Cool, I know where they keep the good stuff. :-)


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