Celebrity Cruising with Ben Fogle

Ben Fogle, intrepid explorer and the new face of Celebrity Cruises, took to the seas last month on his first ever cruise. Ben is partnering with Celebrity Cruises as their ‘Destination Expert’ sharing his vast knowledge of the world in his destination guides and offering guests tips and advice on where to go and what to do in the variety of cities visited by their cruise liners.  I had a chat with Ben on his return where he talked about the oceans and his recent trip on Celebrity Silhouette visiting Malta, Sicily and Naples.

Ben Fogle and Celebrity Cruises

Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises

You seem to have a particular affinity with the oceans, holding a coastal skipper certificate, NAUI scuba licence and, of course, you’ve rowed 2,931 miles across the Atlantic.  Where did your love of the oceans come from?

I think there are three types of people; sea people, mountain people and countryside people – of course I’m a sea person.  My love of the sea stems from childhood when I used to spend the summer holidays at my Grandmother’s house in Brighton playing on the beach.  I love to be near the sea and have the sea air in my lungs.  The more time you spend with the ocean the more you fall for it.   I’ve always been around boats too; sail boats, ships, dinghies so a cruise liner is just a different kind of boat for me.

How did you feel about having someone else plot your course?

Cruising is a whole different way of life on the sea.  Slow travel has a timeless romanticism about it and for me it’s always been about the journey and how you get there as well as the destination.  It was good to steal a few days of someone else’s summer, have time to recharge and relax and to be able to visit three new destinations in one hit without going anywhere near an airport or having to re-pack a bag.  It was great waking up in the mornings, opening the curtains and taking in the view of a new destination; and it’s so easy to explore each stop by taking part in either the organised tours or exploring quiet hidden corners independently.

What was the most unusual experience during your cruise? 

Finding myself sitting on Celebrity Silhouette’s real grass lawn whilst right in the middle of the ocean!

Ben Fogle relaxes on Celebrity Silhouette's' real grass lawn

Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises

How have your holidays changed over the years?

Well holidays used to be very rustic in all corners of the globe.  When I met my wife a bit of luxury began to creep in and nice hotels happened.  Now that we have children holidays are completely about them.

You’ve trekked the Sahara, rowed the Atlantic and I believe you’re thinking about swimming from New York to Cornwall – how does your wife feel about your adventures?

When we met I’d just got back from rowing the Atlantic so she knew the score!  But it’s a shared thing and it opens up possibilities that all the family can enjoy together.

So would you take the children on a cruise?

A cruise would be great for kids; travel, activities and excellent food.

How was the food on board Celebrity Silhouette?

The food was amazing, so much choice.  I expected a huge buffet-style canteen but it wasn’t like that at all.  You can choose from so many types of food from the speciality restaurants; healthy eating, Mediterranean and Asian; the food was excellent.

By the sounds of things that wasn’t your last cruise – where will your next cruise take you?

I’m really looking forward to visiting Scandinavia and the Northern cities on my next cruise – often forgotten but with so much to offer; beautiful architecture, heritage and stunning scenery.

Ben Fogle on Board Celebrity Silhouette

Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises

It sounds to me that when an explorer and adventurer needs a break a luxury cruise is the perfect way to relax, explore and still get that much-needed travel buzz.

If you’d like to hear more about Ben’s destination guides you can check them out here on the Celebrity Cruises website.

Have you been on a cruise and would you recommend it?  Do you have any tips for getting the most from your cruise? Do please share…


    • You’re welcome and thanks for dropping by – I’ve just taken my first cruise so blog posts coming up on what I thought of it and destination posts for Kotor and Budva in Montenegro, Bari in Italy, Corfu and Valletta, Malta :)

  1. One more from the “anti cruise” brigade that just might be on the verge of conversion :-) Great job Suzanne.

    • Me too Madhu! I shall be trying out a Celebrity Cruise next week and reporting back…

      • Look forward to your review

  2. A lovely and interesting post.

  3. First of all … what a good looking young man! When I was out exploring the world of Antarctic and Amazon river, while working, none aboard had his looks.
    Fantastic that Celebrity Cruises are paring up with a man like this. During our cruises we had what we called staff members, that kept our guests busy with films and seminars during daylight hours out at sea. We had the Australian shark experts Ron & Valerie Taylor. This was in the late 70’s. We didn’t have any lawn our little red ship.
    Very interesting interview … and I think and as you know … travel changes us. Cruises was great to work at … but I can see myself as a guest aboard a cruiser.
    Just love that last picture of Ben .. when he are looking back over the ocean.

    • Don’t things change Viveka – lawns on ships! He’s a very charming chap too :)

      • Suzanne, the new cruise liners has everything – but I think it is such artificial world, but they are so popular – so I must be alone with that opinion. *smile
        I believe you when you say he a very charming young man too.
        How did you get to know him ???? It was a great interview you did.

      • Hi Viveka – I’ve not been on a cruise yet but I do think they’re a great way to visit lots of destinations without having to go through the whole airport kerfuffle! Unfortunately it was a phone interview arranged by a PR company for Celebrity Cruises – I didn’t get to meet him…

      • Okay, I thought you had taken the photos of him too.
        The thing is with cruises is that – they are seldom more than one day on each destination … and there is no chance really to have a day of your own liking .. it’s tours all set up. But people love it.

      • Good point Viveka – I’ll put some credits on although I’m not sure who actually took them as the agency gave them to me. Cruises do seem to be very popular. Maybe I should try one out and report back!

      • Yes, do so … the cruiser I was on – only took 120 guests.
        So nothing compare to the big boys … and now they are building a new Titanic.
        I think you did a brilliant job with Ben! Good on you!

    • So am I Dallas! I used to play on Brighton/Hove beach too – just a few years before Mr Fogle though!

  4. What a coup, Suzanne! And he seems very nice. I’m off to read about Malta, etc next. The nearest I’ve done was that blissful day on the Douro, so although I don’t much fancy the big boats and too many people in one go, I’m persuadable (but somebody else would have to foot the bill :) )

    • He is a very nice chap! Never been on a cruise myself but never say never!

  5. I’ve always been one of the anti-cruise brigade but I must admit they are seeming more and more appealing. Ben won me over when he mentioned not have to re-pack your suitcase every day!

    • Not re-packing struck a chord with me too I’ve never been on a cruise either – maybe one day…



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